Children & Families

I love working with kids! I’m warm, supportive, and playful, and kids respond to my combination of humor and respect. They can tell that I believe in them and that I’m not afraid of big feelings or big problems, volcanoes of anger or tornadoes of anxiety. Read more »

I remember from my own childhood what it felt like to struggle and to feel misunderstood. I also remember the adults who cared, who listened, who made me feel whole, and who empowered me to grow and change. It brings me great joy to be one of those adults for kids today; to help kids who feel stuck or ashamed rediscover fun, creativity, and pride in themselves. In the process, I help families reconnect with what they love in one another. This gives me deep satisfaction.

My approach is practical, collaborative, and strengths-based

It’s also playful! We won’t spend the whole session sitting on the couch having long conversations. Therapy with kids is an active process.

Working with your child’s natural energy and imagination we’ll use art, role-plays, stories, games, and humor to create solutions that feel practical and do-able. Along the way, I’ll teach you and your child tools to use when challenging situations arise.

I build on the strengths children already have to help them master new skills. I believe that every challenging behavior is the child’s attempt to solve a problem. Together, we’ll find creative, healthier ways to get those needs met.

I like to get off to a quick start

You’re looking for some help you can use right away. My goal is to create positive momentum from our first meeting. In the first session… Read more


Anxiety, anger, and stress can show up in a variety of ways, including:

I’m here to help. I specialize in working with children and families, particularly kids aged 3-11.

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Parent Consultations

Sometimes you’re not looking for therapy, but for a consultation about a particular parenting issue. You may have questions about temperament, child development, or limit setting. I offer information and strategies, as well as guidance and support so that you can parent in the way most true to your values.

Topics we might discuss include:

  • Practical ways to decrease conflict and increase cooperation
  • Child development questions
  • Explaining difficult subjects (for example, parental separation, illness or death of a loved one)
  • Sibling conflicts
  • Family meetings and collaborative problem solving
  • Developmentally appropriate chores and responsibilities
  • Sleep issues
  • How to advocate for your child at school
  • Kindergarten readiness